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Don't miss the party!

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The first full length album by


Pre-order today to stream 2 of the 12 songs instantly!

Stream and download the entire album 4/19/24 on

Available on all major streaming services on 5/10/24

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"We've been cooking these songs up for quite some time and it feels surreal to finally serve them up for all of you. Our long-format, live and improvised leaning stage presence has been carefully absorbed into 12 compressed noise nuggets and reflected in to incredibly high quality air waves pumped full of saucy synths and booming drums. Huge thanks to our buddy Mat Keller for dialing in the mix and "rendering it real" and so much love to all our friends and family that have kept the dream going through out the years, couldn't do it without ya'lls support and are grateful for each and every one of you!"

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